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    'I'm coming to see you, (Nickname)'
    'I got your letter. I miss you too, so I'm on my way to see you.'
    'I never stopped loving you. I'm on my way to our house.'
    Delete, delete, delete.
    Gilbert sighed and shoved his phone back into the pocket of his jeans. The buildings and trees passed by as he looked out the window of the cab he was riding in. He missed those busy streets so much, but at the same time, he didn't miss them at all. The one thing he had really missed though, was what he had with (Name).
    God, he both loved and hated how just thinking about (Name) could make him act so differently. She made him soft; Weak to his knees. He knew (Name) could always see through his whole, "I'm awesome," routine whenever he's had a completely horrible day. She knows him a lot better than he knows himself. She was the perfect girl. She was his girl, until he so foolishly let her slip through his fingers.
    "This the right address?" The driver asked as he slowed to a stop in front of an apartment complex building. It hadn't changed at all in the time he's been gone. Apartment 3-D. He hoped he remembered it correctly.
    "Ja. Danke," Gilbert thanked in his native tongue as he paid the man at the steering wheel, very well aware that he had paid in Euros instead of (American dollars/Pounds/etc. etc.). Before the driver could say anything, Gilbert had already gotten out of the car and was walking at a quick pace to the front entrance. Not bothering to waste his time, the cab driver simply drove away from the area, grumbling on about being robbed of his time.
    The young albino pressed the buzzer for Apartment 3-D and then stood there and waited. This would definitely not be a problem if he had at least thought to take his house keys on his way out. Nobody would be out in this weather to let him in. Gilbert had almost slipped on a piece of ice trying to call that cab. Gilbird was doing his best to keep warm, snuggling in the comfort of his owner's winter coat.
    "Who is it?" Asked a voice from the voice box, disguised in static. It was tough to tell, but Gilbert would recognize that voice no matter the condition it was in. It was (Name)'s voice, no doubt.
    She sounded tired and worn out. He didn't blame her. If Gilbert had remembered correctly, she worked full-time at a mind-numbing office from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the night, sometimes even 6:00. She complained about it many times, but she was paid good money, so she never thought to quit. Besides, he knew how hard it was to find a job in (City of Choice). (Name) had every right to be tired and just wanting some rest.
    But yet here he was, interrupting some of the only hours she had to rest to see her. He didn't know how she would react; Would she be happy or would she kick him out and tell him to come back another day? No, she wouldn't. She was too kind to kick anyone she knew out. A trick she always used was to invite them in at least for a few minutes before casually bringing up how late it had gotten and then saying her good-byes.
    "Hello? Are you trying to scare me, Al?" (Name)'s static-y voice rang after Gilbert had stood there like a statue for quite a while. He chuckled, knowing that she was easily scared at times, especially at 8:00 in the middle of winter when it was usually already dark. "I already told you, I don't want to go out to the bar. Getting drunk the night before a conference is not how I want to start off the weekend. Besides, you know I don't drink."
    Gilbert pressed the 'Speak' button, remembering how she always pressed the 'Listen' button after she spoke. It was his turn to speak, hoping the response he got was good. "It's me, liebe. Open up," he said, trying to sound like he usually did, minus the cocky ring his voice always held.
    It was silent for a few seconds. Though they felt like centuries to Gilbert. Until he heard the static-y voice again. "Define 'me'," she tested, almost refusing to believe that her ex-fiancee was standing outside, waiting for her to let him in. For two years she had been hoping for him to come back, and now that it had happened, she just couldn't accept it.
    "Vell, let's see... I've got pale skin, red eyes, awesome vhite hair. I met you at at my friend's birthday party. I vas zhe one who spilled soda on your skirt and zhen used a cheesy pick-up line. And I go by zhe name Gilbert Beilschmidt who dated zhis beautiful girl named (Full Name)," he said, recalling the party Antonio had in celebration of the day he "escaped the womb" as Gilbert liked to call it. "Is that enough definition for you?"
    Seconds later, he heard the door unlock without a word being said and he opened the door to reveal the flight of stairs that led to Apartment 1-D. He had to climb at least six of those flights to get up to 3-D. God, he hated stairs. Especially when it was a lot of stairs.
    After climbing the stairs, he was almost out of breath, but he composed himself when he saw door that led to his home. The door that had his girl on the other side. Without hesitation, he rang the doorbell and waited eagerly, wanting to look into those (Eye Color) eyes again and tell her he loved her. Wanting to hold her in his arms so she knew he would never leave again. Wanting to kiss her like he used to before he let his frustration get the best of him and walked away. Wanting to just be with her.
    And as soon as that door opened, all the feelings that he had felt for her ever since they met hit him hard. He missed her so much that he was willing to do whatever it took to mend each and every hole in their relationship.
Hooray! Part two is finally done! *five second dance party*

Also I suggest you read part one before this one...
Part 1:…
Part 2: Already Here ^_^
Part 3:…

Alright, you know the drill:
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to.... You...
And I belong to my mother.
Now excuse me while I go sulk in my corner hoping that you like the outcome.

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